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Surrendering a Pet

Pet Rescue of Maryland tries to help as many pets in our area as we possibly can. We are an all-foster rescue and don't always have room to take owner surrenders. You are welcome to contact us a or 410-472-1172 to see if we are able to take your pet. If we don't have room, we can sometimes help you find someone who can help you.

We understand this can be a very difficult and painful decision to make. However, many people discard pets very casually. Please consider the following things before surrendering your pet:

 1. If your animal was adopted from a rescue organization, you likely signed a contract saying you would return that animal to the rescue if you ever had to give up your pet. Check your original contract and call the rescue if you are not sure.

2. Having your pet spayed or neutered and up to date on it's shots makes it easier to be accepted into a shelter / rescue program.

3. Some pets are difficult to live with, but many times the owner is at fault for the problems of the dog or cat. Have you researched or talked to a professional to see if there are any other options you can take before giving up on your pet? There are almost always options available to you, many of which may be free, that have not been previously considered.

4. Many shelters actually euthanize a high percentage of animals that come into their care. If your animal has any behavioral problems, illness, a cold or even fleas, they are likely to be euthanized after you leave. No one wants to euthanize dogs and cats. Especially those who work there. However, there is not enough money or space to take care of every animal neglected and abandoned by others. Sadly, the ones who are not picture perfect are sometimes unlikely to walk out. Please think long and hard about this before surrendering your pet to one of these shelters. Have you done all that you can for the animal who loved you unconditionally?

5. Can a friend, co-worker or family member help take care of the animal while you can not? Is there someone who knows your pet and has a special fondness for them who might be willing to care for your pet? Your friends may surprise you.

6. If the animal is in need of medical care, have you asked for help from your vet? Some vets may work with you on a payment plan that will not break your budget. If you can not afford basic vaccinations  help is available to you through many local shelters and clinics.

7. You can post your animal on the classified section of their website.

8. Many breeds have rescues dedicated to saving a specific breed of animal. Try googling the breed and your area to see if there are any breed rescues that might be interested in helping your animal.

9.  If you can not keep the dog or cat due to a decision you made (moving somewhere animals were not allowed, taking on too many animals, having children and animals together without considering the cost and time needed) we beg to you really think hard before adopting or buying a pet in the future. While animals are not children, they depend on you much like a child would. With a few big differences: they never grow up, they can't survive safely without you or a human parent and they love you unconditionally. Moving is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to any animal. Please make responsible decisions when adopting or giving up a pet. Your decision affects more than just you.